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Happy Christmas!

2012-12-04 11.35.25

I’ve been a rubbish blogger lately, I know. My new year resolution is to do better. But I have been making things, and to prove it, here’s the Christmas wreath I started a while ago.

2012-12-04 11.36.02

I’m incredibly pleased with it! And with the rattan circle I picked up from Hobbycraft (we now have one in York!) instead of the polystyrene circle I was thinking of.

2012-12-04 11.35.54

Before I glued the centre buttons in place, I threaded a length of florists’ wire through the shank, then bent it in half, and just pushed it into the wreath. The flowers are a bit liable to fall off if roughly handled, but it’s safely on the wall (I’m not risking it on the front door!) so they’re not going anywhere. I just need to find a suitable sized box to store it in.

2012-12-04 11.35.47

There are 25 flowers in total, with between five and ten petals each, so including the centres that’s over 200 circles of fabric I cut out. All by hand. I think I’m circled out for the time being! But I can see that a less Christmassy one would be pretty too, perhaps on a heart shaped base if I can find one.

2012-12-04 11.35.32

And that’s it from me for tonight. Have a lovely Christmas, may your stockings be full of wonderful crafty things (and if they aren’t, well, that’s the perfect excuse to treat yourself…!)

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Oh dear, the sun came out and my brain disconnected from the internet – I’m massively behind on my blog reading, I haven’t been on Twitter for weeks, and my poor blog’s very neglected :(

I haven’t been completely idle though, things have been happening. Mostly involving knitting, but also involving this –


I had a windfall, courtesy of my lovely parents, so I’ve bought myself a new car. A Hyundai i20 Style, and no, I hadn’t heard of it before I bought it either, but Dad recommended it, and he usually knows about these things. I’m only interested in bells and whistles, and it has them in abundance – a bluetooth phone connection with steering wheel controls and voice dialling (no wires!), a lead for my ipod/iphone, climate control, mp3/wma playback on the cd player, and lots more I need to read the instruction book to find out about. It also tells me when to change gear, which is possibly going a tad too far. But it’s very shiny! My only regret is that I didn’t get the lime green version, but Dad was horrified at the thought, and apparently they’re harder to resell, so I settled for boring silver.

Oh, and that’s my parents’ drive, mine isn’t nearly so well kept!


I’ve finished the socks I started a couple of weeks ago. They’ve got an afterthought heel, and it’s the first time I’ve done one, but it probably won’t be the last, especially with self striping yarn. There are more photos of the picking up stitches process on Ravelry, here.


I’ve also made a shawl, but that probably deserves a post of its own, so here’s a teaser photo.


The garden has been lovely over the last couple of weeks (apart from the bit where my neighbours had what sounded like their entire extended family to stay for three days over Easter, and spent most of their daylight hours in the garden – can I go and live on an uninhabited island now please?) and the spring flowers are looking beautiful in the sunshine.




Some of my aquilegias, one of my very favourite flowers, there’s lots of them around the garden. It always seems like a miracle when they reappear after the garden has been under a foot of snow.


Apple blossom. It was a nice change to sit out when it was falling – blossom snow is so much better than the real thing!


And my lilac’s just coming out too.


I’ve done a bit of spinning too, turning this lovely BFL/silk fibre from Wildcraft into this –


400m of fingering weight yarn.

Yesterday I had a lovely time watching the Royal Wedding, I thought that Kate looked gorgeous, and so did her sister. Kate’s poise is amazing, she looked completely at ease all the way through. I could have done without the naughty bridesmaid though – whoever thought that having three year olds was a good plan? Poor child. At least she was too young to have known better, unlike Beatrice and Eugenie, who looked like they’d come as the Ugly Sisters to Kate’s Cinderella.

Now I’m about to start yet another shawl, this time it’s Aase’s Shawl, which I’m going to do in the merino/silk/cashmere I spun a few weeks ago. I may be mad, as the body of it’s in seafoam stitch, which I hate doing, but it does look pretty…

Oh, and I’ve just remembered, I’ve booked a holiday. I’m going to Norfolk for a week next Saturday, staying in a self-catering cottage on a farm just outside Blakeney, I can’t wait! Prepare for lots of photos of quirky buildings made of fling and salt marshes.

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