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Hello! Waves! I’m still here, just a little quiet – I’m not sure why, I had a lovely week in Wales a few weeks ago, but it seems to have eaten my blogging mojo. Let’s see if I can get it back…

So, what have I been up to? Let’s start with the week in Wales. My parents have a caravan in Trearddur Bay, on Anglesey, not far from Holyhead, and it’s one of my very favourite places – I’ve been there every year since I was about two, and it feels like going home. I usually have a bad effect on the weather when I go away (cf my recent soggy week in Hay-on-Wye!) and I’d almost decided not to go, but I gave it a go, and even as I drove across the Pennines the sun came out, and it was glorious all week.

I stopped at Rhos-on-Sea on my way, and came across this tiny church – the sign said it’s believed to be the smallest in the British Isles (I think!) The bench gives an idea of scale.


Inside there’s seating for six.


I drove onto Llandudno and had a bit of a wander, still marvelling at the sunshine.


Then drove onto Trearddur. I went down to the sea after tea (it’s only a five minute stroll from the caravan) and sat in my favourite spot, a rock which takes a bit of scrambling to get to, past a rock pool we used to catch tiny shrimps and crabs in when we were small, and sat and watched the sea. It was so peaceful.


Wales June 2012 (133)

And a few more random photos.

Wales June 2012 (146)

The woods at Penrhos, once the gardens of a big house, now sadly demolished.

Wales June 2012 (155)

One of the small bays at Trearddur, with Holyhead Mountain in the distance.

Wales June 2012 (156)

The house I’ll buy when I win the lottery – it looks over the bay in the previous photo. Imagine sitting in that glassed in veranda with your knitting or spinning wheel, and going to bed in a turret.

Wales June 2012 (159)

Flowers by the sea.

Wales June 2012 (181)

And the big bay at Trearddur – the sea is always so clear there.

Wales June 2012 (189)

Paddling in the sea. I really wished I’d taking a swimsuit, but it hardly occurred to me to take warm weather clothes, never mind bathing gear! And looking back now I can hardly believe how warm it was for that one week, it seems like a dream.

Wales June 2012 (192)

I managed a bit of knitting – I finished this sock whilst I was there. Only one to go.

Wales June 2012 (204)

And because a holiday isn’t a holiday without visiting at least one yarn and/or fabric shop, I popped into the lovely Copperfield, at Four Mile Bridge, which is a small village straggling the bridge between Anglesey and Holy Island, just up the road from Valley, and four miles from Holyhead.

Wales June 2012 (193)

This is one of those tardis-like shops which looks tiny on the outside, but grows when you get inside. In the front room is an assortment of ribbons and trimmings.

Wales June 2012 (194)

And a selection of Rowan yarns.

Wales June 2012 (195)

Then there’s a small lobby-like room in the middle,

Wales June 2012 (201)

before you get to the main fabric room at the back. There’s a massive selection of Moda fabrics, as well as some from other designers. The trouble is that I want it to be on my doorstep, so I can just pop in to match a fabric I need – I get very overwhelmed when I visit somewhere like that on holiday! I did buy a few bits, but I can’t just lay my hands on them now to photograph them, I’m feeling very disorganised at the moment!

Wales June 2012 (205)

Back to my wanderings. These allotments in Holyhead always catch my eye, with the Irish ferries in the background.

Wales June 2012 (210)

And up to the slopes of Holyhead Mountain, where a group of Iron Age hut circles have been excavated.

Wales June 2012 (213)

A hut circle with a view. This was a Saturday afternoon, and the car park and cliffs along towards South Stack just opposite were very busy, but I had this part pretty much to myself, it was another magical moment.

Wales June 2012 (221)

One of them was full of bluebells. It must have been a good year for them, they were everywhere.

Wales June 2012 (227)

Some of them are thought to have been workshops or animal enclosures.

Wales June 2012 (231)

I did have a quick walk down to look at South Stack (that’s the lighthouse) in the distance, but I didn’t go any nearer – I’ve been before, and there’s a lot of steps down the cliff!

Wales June 2012 (233)

The sea was an amazing blue-green colour.

Wales June 2012 (240)

This rock caught my eye the next day, when I was wandering round with my knitting and a book, enjoying the views.

Wales June 2012 (249)

Such as this one. This is the seaside to me – lots and lots of tiny rocky bays, some with sand and some with rocks, not long expanses of golden sand, that’s not exciting at all!

And that’s it for travelogues for the time being – and if this dreadful weather doesn’t cheer up it could be it for the year! I’m so sick of thinking it’s been a nice day if it was just grey sky but no rain. But I have been making things, and I’ll do some updates on that very soon…

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